Nosebleed Warning signs indicating disease

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Nosebleed Warning signs indicating disease

Nosebleed (Epistaxis) is bleeding from the nose, divided into 2 parts: bleeding from the front of the nose. And nasal bleeding from the back of the nasal cavity Nosebleed has a more dangerous cause than bleeding from the front of ufabet the nose. So when the nose bleeds It may warning sign of disease such as

1. Tumor

Cause: Cancer or a benign tumor that has blood vessels supplying it. Occurs in the nose, sinuses, or behind the nasal cavity.

Symptoms: Occasionally bleeds. or a large amount of nose bleeding, you should have a nasal endoscopy. or x-rays for diagnosis

2. Irritation or injury in the nose

Cause: Frequently picking your nose, getting a blow to your nose. Blow your nose hard in dry air and rapid changes in air pressure, such as when boarding a plane.

Symptoms: There is usually not much blood drawn. And for a short period of time, there may be bleeding and bruising near the time of recovery.

3. Inflammation in the nasal cavity

Cause: From viral infections, allergies, sinusitis, using an air compressor while sleeping.

Symptoms: Blood mixed with mucus.

4. Anatomical abnormalities

Cause: Deviated nasal septum. or has bone growth Nosebleed in the wrong place Including having a hole through it, causing an unbalance in the air.

Symptoms: Blood often flows into the same side of the nose. and recurrence in areas where the nasal septum is deviated or has bone growth.

Seek emergency medical care if nosebleeds:

  • Follow an injury, such as a car accident
  • Involve a greater than expected amount of blood
  • Interfere with breathing
  • Last longer than 30 minutes even with compression
  • Occur in children younger than age 2

Don’t drive yourself to an emergency room Nosebleed if you’re losing a lot of blood. Call 911 or your local emergency number or have someone drive you.