Is it true or not? “Soda” can reduce fat in the blood?

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Soda water is carbon dioxide gas (Carbon Dioxide) compressed into water. Making the water acidic. When the bottle cap is opened, gas bubbles appear. It is commonly used to mix with various types of alcoholic beverages, fruit juices or sweet drinks.

The benefit is that it helps to make drinks or food taste fizzy. Add deliciousness and novelty. But soda does not have the ability to lower blood lipids. Data on the use of soda in that news. is to be mixed with lemon juice acidic. May have properties to increase the secretion of gastric acid. helps in digestion. But it doesn’t have the properties to reduce fat UFABET

Finally, choosing to eat food You should reduce oily and fried food. Together with eating a lot of vegetables. Because it will definitely help reduce fat absorption more than eating.

know this turn to exercise and choose foods that are low in fat and unsaturated fat Also, change to eat more fruits and vegetables. I should be able to help more.

Benefits of soda :

1. As a great recipe to marinate delicious meat Soda is another ingredient that is commonly used to marinate meat before cooking. The acidity of the soda makes the marinated meat tender and delicious. Especially beef or pork which, when grilled, become dry and dry. unappetizing If you try to marinate with soda for 15-20 minutes before seasoning. You’ll be guaranteed delicious, tender, and juicy grilled meat that you won’t tell anyone about.

2. To add deliciousness to beverages Soda is mixed with a variety of beverages, including sugary drinks. fruit juice to liquor The soda will add fizz and add novelty to the drink. Drinking mixed drinks will make you feel full faster. If mixed with liquor, it will reduce the alcohol concentration. As a result, the amount of alcohol that the body receives from drinking is also reduced. In addition, adding to fruit juices or sweet drinks. It is also considered to create a color for the drink to not be monotonous as well.