“Bruno” agrees with fans singing “Not fit to wear a butterfly shirt”

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Bruno Fernandes admits Manchester fans United were right to shout. You guys are not fit to wear the team’s shirt- In the 4-0 defeat to Brighton on Saturday night, the

Red Devils were blown up. This puts them in sixth place in the table with 58 points from 37 games.

During the second half of the game. Man United fans traveling to the Amex Stadium chanted their own players inappropriately. wearing a team shirt. The UFABET report

Before that though, United still have to claim enough points to at least ensure they finish sixth and take a Europa League place for 2022/23, with the Monday night win over Brentford a step in the right direction. They have just two matches left to play this season, able to reach a maximum of 64 points.

For Brighton, it’s about ensuring they finish the campaign strongly enough to be in the top 10, having been through spells of impressive football this term – but also the usual lack of a scoring touch, with just 34 scored in their 35 Premier League games so far. However they have lost only one of the last six and sit ninth.

Asked about the matter, Bruno told Sky Sports that “I included myself.”

“Our work today my work today It’s not good enough to wear a Man United shirt, I accept it

. League done And it is certain that they will have their worst season in the Premier League era.

Manchester clubs had their worst performance with just 64 points in the 2013/14 season, when they finished seventh in the table.