Casino of the new era Pokdeng online Legendary card game

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New generation casino Pokdeng online Legendary card game for real money! If talking about card games that Thai people tend to be very familiar with. Would be inevitable “Pocket bounce” of course, because whether a new player or a professional gambler. Both have had enough experience with each other. Both playing in groups of friends to create fun activities. Playing in the leading casinos in many different areas and the last one. That is popular right now is Playing Pokdeng Online. 

That facilitates everyone to access betting more easily with everlasting popularity. Making Pok Deng is a game that new gamblers use to start playing casino seriously. But before understanding the game of Pok Deng more, The first step is indispensable. You will need to understand the history of Pok Deng first. To build more knowledge base for yourself This is the first step every novice gambler must take in order to become a professional gambler.

History of Pokdeng card game is the first casino game around the world.

History of Pokdeng card game is the first casino game around the world. Dating back to the 7th century AD, or about AD 601 to AD 700, important evidence of the origins of playing cards has been found. It is a French called Gungoneur, a playing card made by the ancient Hindus, which is thought to have been made much longer. It is highly probable that it may have originated in an Egyptian era or around 3, 000 years ago, for the reason that it was the era when paper was first created on earth. 

And formed into different types of playing cards Then someone came up with a way to play cards from the popular deck. One of the games that is popular all over the world is Pok Deng. Gungoneur invented a style of playing poker by starting from the calculation of using only 52 cards, based on the number of weeks in 1 year, which has no evidence to confirm. This idea was what made him think this way. He chose to use four types of cards, namely clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. Along with giving different meanings to the colors of the cards. but still refer to the time within 1 day as well by various meanings There are details as follows.

The meaning of poker bounce

  1. Red means daytime
  2. black means night

The meaning of the poker card symbols that are divided according to the season of each year, king, age can be divided as follows.

  1. Spades mean winter, King David, old age. 
  2. Clubs : Autumn, King Julius Caesar, Middle Ages. 
  3. Diamonds mean summer, King Alexander the Great, and teenagers. 
  4. Red heart means spring, King Charlemagne, childhood.

Rules and methods of playing poker online, casino games that everyone must understand

Rules and methods of playing poker online, casino games that everyone must understand Today we will explain the rules and methods of playing poker online. So that everyone can study how to play the basics of real betting. But what content will there be? Let’s go and see. สมัคร UFABET

Rules for playing poker online

Of course, playing PokDeng online and playing PokDeng in general. There are different rules of play. It is divided into the player’s side with more than 1 person and the banker’s side. The rules of play that are easy to understand are as follows:

  • Each player must place their desired bet. There may be some websites that the dealer The maximum bet can be set. 
  • Starting from the dealer will shuffle the cards to mix. and deal 1 card to every player each, starting from the left onwards Continue until 2 cards are dealt, which the dealer will be the last person to get a card.
  • Once all the cards have been obtained, everyone in the online poker game will have to look at the cards that have been received. with the sum of the results of the face of the cards