Draw with different hopes of Liverpool and Spurs

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The match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League on Saturday night, the stakes were high.

The Reds need 3 points to overtake Manchester City and take the lead. Before Pep Guardiola’s side play on Sunday night at home to Newcastle, it is expected that it will be nothing more than their strength.

While the Golden Spikes chicken side need 3 points to win 4th place with Arsenal because before the start of the game they have 61 points from 34 games, while the city rivals have 63 points, so winning will be equal to up There has been pressure on Mikel Arteta’s players to play against Leeds United on Sunday night as well. the UFABET report

Every Spurs fan knew that Liverpool would come out of the halftime break pressing high and looking to capitalize on a mistake. Spurs played from the back for the first five minutes but never controlled possession enough to look for runs from the front three.

It was in the 58th minute, the first goal came along. After Hugo Lloris controlled the ball, he booted the goal kick to an out of positioned Emerson Royal. Royal swung the ball from the left of the pitch to Harry Kane 35-yards out of the box. Kane controlled the ball with an amazing first touchand dribbled his way to the 18-yard box. Anticipating a shot on his left, Kane found Ryan Sessegnon in the box. Instead of shooting, Sessegnon squared a ball to Son Heung-Min in the middle of the box for an easy tap-in.

But neither Liverpool nor Spurs can achieve their goals. Because both of them can only be tied 1-1, divided by 1 point each.