Father confirms news that Messi has randomly agreed to join the Saudi team.

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Lionel Messi father has confirmed that his son has agreed to leave PSG and sign a huge deal with the Saudi club.

Messi’s father Jorge has released a statement following reports on Tuesday. That the World Cup winner has signed a massive £522million deal with Saudi side Al Hilal.

Jorge said on social media that “There was no agreement. with which club next year. The decision will not come before Messi finishes the league with PSG.” UFABET

“When the season ends It will be time to analyze and see what options are available and make a decision. There are rumors all the time. And many people use the name Lionel to make matters famous. But there is only one truth. And we guarantee that there is no deal with anyone no talk. There are no contracts, no deals and nothing will happen until the end of the season.”

“It seems to me disrespectful to the media that they are responding to people who deliberately deceive without providing any evidence of their claims. And want to turn malicious rumors into news or guided by someone for their own benefit.”

“They’ll have to explain why they don’t compare the data. They don’t want the truth to ruin their ‘news’.”