Easy tips to wash your white sneakers to make them white like new.

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White sneakers is Classic sneakers But the main disadvantage that many people avoid white sneakers is that stains are easily visible on this colored sneakers which many people lose confidence in picking up a white sneakers and wearing it. we have together methods for washing and cleaning white sneakers for you. To make the old pair of white canvases look new again Ready to wear again.

Easy tips to wash your sneakers to make them white like new.

The first method

Is to wash the sneakers and clean them according to normal procedures. The normal washing method is to use laundry detergent. Use a washing brush to brush away all the dirt. Then rinse with water until all the detergent is gone. Then before drying, use tissue paper to spread all over the sneakers. Then put the sneakers to dry in an area expose to strong sunlight. Wait until the sneakers are completely dry. Then take out the tissue paper. Tissue paper will help absorb the yellow stains. at various parts of sneakers can be removed Therefore making the sneakers and shoes bright white like new. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

The second method

Is to soak the sneakers in bleach for a while or about 30 minutes, then wash them according to normal steps. But before putting the sneakers out to dry, sprinkle the talcum powder that we use for body paint all over the sneakers. Then put the shoes to dry in an area with strong sunlight. Once completely dry, the sneakers will return to their original, clean white color.

Clean the rubber edge

If you know how to make sneakers white, let’s take a look at how to clean the rubber edges. For the rubber soles of sneakers, use toothpaste squeezed into a toothbrush and rub it all over the rubber soles of the shoes. Then use a clean cloth moistened with water to wipe clean again. Just like this, the rubber edge will be white and clean again.

Reduces the musty smell of

Sneakers sometimes if we wear them for a long time. In addition to the color not being bright white, there may also be a musty smell from the shoes. For tips that can help get rid of musty smells, it is Take newspaper and crumple it into a ball. Then stuff it into the shoe until it’s full. Then leave it overnight. The next morning, pull out the newspaper. Just this, the musty smell in sneakers will be reduced. But if someone’s item has a very strong odor, you may need to leave the newspaper out for several days. But if that’s the case, the newsprint should be chang periodically as well.