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Tips for cleaning watch strap.

A wristwatch is a personal accessory for many people. Because besides being used to tell the time Wristwatches also enhance your personality. and expresses who we are very well But our favorite watch When used for a long time, it may become old. It also creates an undesirable stench. Those odors are

How to eat to avoid Triglycerides?

Food is essential to life. Good food often tastes bad. The food is delicious. Often rich in fats like Triglycerides which because of this deliciousness makes many people happy to eat. Reduce the intake of starchy foods.  Such as reducing the amount of white rice. Add vegetables and protein Eat

Is it true or not? “Soda” can reduce fat in the blood?

Soda water is carbon dioxide gas (Carbon Dioxide) compressed into water. Making the water acidic. When the bottle cap is opened, gas bubbles appear. It is commonly used to mix with various types of alcoholic beverages, fruit juices or sweet drinks. The benefit is that it helps