Neville lifts JK to point out clearly that Conte style is not suitable for ghosts

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Celebrity guru Gary Neville has quoted Normal Manager Jurgen Klopp’s remarks. Liverpool day It made it clear why Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte was unfit to manage Manchester United.

Conte was previously linked with the “Red Devils” mid-season, however. In the end, he chose to move to control. “Chicken Golden Spikes” and lead the team to win the top four at this time

Italian coach led the team to win 1 point at Anfield During yesterday’s game, where Klopp was unhappy with the visiting team’s emphasis on defending,

after the game, the German coach said: “I’m sorry I was wrong in this. I don’t like football like this at all. But that’s my personal problem.” the UFABET report

“I think they are world class and think they should do more in the game. I think the game against Liverpool They only have 36 or 38 per cent of the ball.”

“But that’s my problem. I can’t manage the team. So that’s why I can’t do anything

. It’s very difficult, Atletico Madrid do it, so they’ll win whatever they want

. I respect everything they do. But that’s not me,”

Neville tweeted in a clip of Klopp’s interview, adding: “I respect Conte. and his football very much

. Why is he not a good fit for United?”

Then Jamie Carragher, Sky Sports’ friend The news came as the headline read: “Gary Neville urges angry Diego Simeone to be considered the next Manchester United manager.”

To which Neville replied, “Simeone played a 4-4-2 formation with an aggressive style. which is suitable for United Conte’s wing-back? not suitable”