How to eat this hot? Don’t let your weight surge.

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How to eat this hot? Don’t let your weight surge

Many people often think Losing weight must come with torturing yourself with “starving, starving, and starving.” We can be thin without starving. Just know how to choose what to eat. together with regular exercise We can lose weight without suffering.

In the summer like this Of course, popular cooling menus include ice cream and mango sticky rice.

or shaved ice It must definitely come through the eyes to seduce and tempt the mouth of the reader. Doctors won’t talk about calorie intake. Many people probably already ยูฟ่าเบท know how much energy each menu provides. But we’ll see how. Why do we crave fatty foods like ice cream, mango sticky rice, shaved ice, and soft drinks?

Ice cream. 

Obesity caused by people’s addiction to food. Often derived from the three main demons of sugar, fat, and salt, ice cream is the meeting point for sugar. Perfect salt and fat High sugar and fat stimulate the Rewarding part of the brain, causing us to feel satisfied or happy after eating ice cream. And become addicted to eating it again and again, or you may change to less fattening foods, such as cold frozen fruit such as bananas, grapes, watermelon, or chilled natural yogurt poured over fresh fruit.

Mango Sticky Rice 

It’s the same formula for ice cream, which is high in sugar, salt, and fat. Therefore causing the brain to become addicted in the same way, resulting in obesity, risk of diabetes, abdominal obesity, and cardiovascular disease as well, or may change from white glutinous rice to black glutinous rice. This causes blood sugar levels to rise more slowly. Therefore resulting in less obesity. Change from real coconut milk to cereal coconut milk. which has less saturated fat and calories Reduce the amount of sugar and salt. Focus on mango more than sticky rice. and eat only in moderation

Shaved ice

sweet water poured over the shaved ice. As a result, blood sugar levels rise quickly. Stimulates the secretion of neurotransmitters that make us feel happy. and feel full after eating But as soon as time passed Sugar in the bloodstream is pulled down quickly. Resulting in new hunger in no time, or maybe changing to fresh fruit smoothies No syrup added

Carbonated water 

as well as sweet water in shaved ice. The high sugar content in soft drinks stimulates the brain to feel full. But after drinking for a short time You will quickly feel a new hunger. Even soft drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar. It’s still not the answer for people who want to be thin. Because research found that These calorie-free soft drinks also stimulate the brain’s addiction to sweetness. and feel more appetizing, you may change to carbonated mineral water, add lemon juice or cold water, soak fresh fruit (sunkist oranges, guava limes) overnight to get the natural aroma from the fruit.

It can that food makes you fat this summer. It doesn’t just hurt your belly from the calories you eat. But using techniques to trick the brain Get addicted to food As a result, people become continuously and permanently obese. If you want to eat these foods It is recommended to use the ‘Food swap’ technique, which is to change to food that is less fattening.