How to control your weight so it doesn’t come back. YOYO Effect

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How to control your weight so it doesn’t come back. YOYO Effect

Many people have probably already gone through weight loss.

Some people who are successful must be applauded loudly, but for some people it is even less. Why does weight increase? Today we are going to answer questions about this matter. Losing weight according to what some people think Just by sitting in the sauna and sweating, you’ll lose weight. But these are only water that is excreted from the body, not fat. If you drink electrolyte water back in, the weight will return. The observation is that the weight has decreased. But the fat didn’t decrease. And at a later time if you stop exercising Do not continue dieting. Your weight will bounce back to the same level or increase even more.

Exercise during the COVID-19 epidemic should reduce the risk of exercising in crowded or crowded places.

But if you really want to exercise outside, here’s an important tip: “You should not wear a mask while exercising. Because it will สมัคร ufabet cause breathing to not get enough oxygen to the brain. You may become dizzy, faint, lose consciousness, or have heat stroke.” Also, in this situation, everyone must adjust to a new way of life. Or what is familiar during this period: New Normal. We will take care of our health. How to take care of our figure in the new way of life so that the weight and accumulated fat do not increase back or become more than before?

What I would like to recommend is simple exercise at home with moderate level aerobics, such as walking continuously or pounding your feet and dancing gently continuously. Feel a little tired, breathe easily, be able to speak in sentences, not panting, sweating, it doesn’t have to be heavy. Just 150 – 300 minutes per week or divided into 30 – 60 minutes per day for 5 consecutive days, with a break of 2 days, is enough to make the blood vessels open. The skin will start to turn red and feel itchy. This means that fat has been expelled from the pores.

In the meantime, for continued weight control. Exercise levels should maintaine at a moderate level. (while exercising I felt a little tired Can finish the conversation) After exercising, drink a lot of water. The body will not demand excessive hunger. And of course, it’s better to burn fat than doing heavy exercise. Another one of effective fat reduction.

That is, don’t forget to eat 3 complete meals.

1) Eat a lot for breakfast, including all 5 food groups.

2) Lunch: eat one plate plus fruit.

3) Dinner is very important. Don’t skip it but don’t eat too much. Avoid starches and focus on eating vegetables and eating meat. For example, you can still eat tuna at 10 p.m., but avoid starches, desserts, and fried foods. If you want to have a small portion of your breakfast, enough to taste it.

All of this depends on the attitude of each person. Some people say they eat healthy food. How can you be happy if it’s not delicious? The answer is to be happy because you are healthy. Plus, you can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and many other diseases if you change your attitude to be healthy, in good shape, and definitely without a yo-yo effect.