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How to eat to avoid Triglycerides?

Food is essential to life. Good food often tastes bad. The food is delicious. Often rich in fats like Triglycerides which because of this deliciousness makes many people happy to eat. Reduce the intake of starchy foods.  Such as reducing the amount of white rice. Add vegetables and protein Eat

Is it true or not? “Soda” can reduce fat in the blood?

Soda water is carbon dioxide gas (Carbon Dioxide) compressed into water. Making the water acidic. When the bottle cap is opened, gas bubbles appear. It is commonly used to mix with various types of alcoholic beverages, fruit juices or sweet drinks. The benefit is that it helps

The dangers of salad vegetables that you may not know.

One of the clean foods that everyone It’s inevitable that salad vegetables. But believe it or not, even the salad we eat also encounters dangers that we may overlook. How dangerous How can we prevent it? Let’s see.   How to eat vegetable salad safely?

These foods are very high in sodium. But we may overlook.

Sodium or salty taste from food It’s another villain that hurts your body more than you think. not just kidney disease but also affects other dangerous diseases which is found in most Thai people, such as high blood pressure with up to 10 million Thai people suffering from this disease. It